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About Evelyn R. Anderson
Apostle Evelyn Ramos is a Puerto Rican native of  Chicago, Illinois. In 1986 her life was transformed out of a lifestyle of drugs, gangs and prostitution by the power of the Holy Spirit. After serving seven years in her local church she was directed to Central America where she began her work as a missionary. Throughout the years of serving as a missionary she  encountered  many who were searching for deliverance from spiritual oppression and in 1999 was empowered by the Holy Spirit into the deliverance ministry. She is overseen in her office as an Apostle by Dr. Gilberto Medina, founder of Iglesia Transformacion in Chicago, IL.

In 2002 Apostle Ramos founded International Revival Center Adonai in Altamira, Mexico and in 2008 opened a second location in Freeport Illinois and is in the process of opening a third location on the west side of Chicago. The Apostle builds and establishes the foundation of her ministries based on solid biblical principles as led by the Holy Spirit while imparting the love of Christ. Each church is geared towards restoring and empowering people from all walks of life into a lifestyle of healing, deliverance, prayer and serving their communities in excellence and with the love of Christ.
In 2008 Apostle Ramos founded and is the Executive Director of Reckless Attitudes Infects Neighborhoods International Ministries (R.A.I.N.) in Freeport, Illinois. R.A.I.N. is a residential program that helps female offenders transitioning from prison find restoration and prepares them to return to their communities as positive influences. She is also the founder and Director of One Night with the King Ministries, a dynamic, life transforming ministry for hurting and broken Christian women. 

As a Conference Speaker, Apostle Ramos has been commissioned by God to “Set the world on fire” through prophetic authoritative impartation as she ministers in the realm of deliverance. She has ministered to people at conferences and churches from Chicago to New York and from Atlanta to California and many cities in between. The power of God is demonstrated as she commands the atmosphere to accommodate the word of God through prophetic authority. Many have testified to Apostle Ramos’ methods of preaching and teaching God’s word to be liberating, edifying, encouraging and powerful. 

As a Leader Apostle Ramos utilizes her mantle as an Apostle to cover, mentor and pray for various ministries throughout the world. She understands there is power in unity and in flowing in the five-fold ministry. She strategically makes herself available to work with prophets, pastors, evangelists, preachers and teachers with diverse backgrounds and from different denominations to bring edification and unity to the body of Christ. 

​As a Dedicated Woman of God, Apostle Ramos has labored with missionaries in Spain, mentored and trained leaders in the realm of deliverance in Panama, and has partnered with Pastors throughout Mexico in sponsoring and speaking at tent revivals where the results have seen hundreds of people come to Christ. Her street ministry has taken her into the depths of the streets of Chicago where she has witnessed the power of God bring salvation and deliverance to drug addicts, prostitutes and gang members. She has brought comfort to the homeless, and love and compassion to many in jail. Her passion and commitment to sharing the love of Christ has brought many into the Kingdom of God, into deliverance and healing. Apostle Evelyn’s dedication, commitment and love for God are evident in her service and can be characterized by her love, compassion, transparency and integrity.
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